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Adopta Panama Rainforest


To become leaders at connecting people in Panama to wildlife and conservation through artistic photographic material .


To promote conservation of Panama's natural heritage, inspiring understanding and love for nature and wildlife, and raising public perception of  the value of these resources.

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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Fundación Naturaleza y Ciencia 507
Fundacion Pro-Conservacion de los Primates Panameños

About Panama Birds & Wildlife photos

We are a  non-profit organisation promoting conservation of Panama's biodiversity, and supporting other non-profit organisations providing them "pro-bono publico” photographic material. 

Our logo depicts a Rufous-vented Groud-Cuckoo as a photographer, one of the most wanted  species by birdwatchers in Panama. 


Our director, Miguel "Siu", is a 39 years old, self-taught photographer since 2012. In 2014 he specialized in wildlife, especially arthropods, birds, and terrestrial animals.


We photograph free and wild animals, in situ, as found in their natural settings (unless noted), and minimal staging. The well-being of animals takes priority over the photo.

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